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Considering Dental Treatment in Abroad?

Apart from saving a substantial amount on treatment, you can also have a nice holiday!

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Is Dental Implant treatment abroad a good idea?

Dentists and specialists take a look at whether it’s possible to get cheap dental treatments abroad and whether dental tourism is really ‘painless’ as the adverts claim. Many believe that the quality of treatment one would receive in many cheaper destinations is questionable and might even end up paying more than your local expenses. But here's curated list of some of the finest dentists for dental treatment in different affordable locations.

‘Painless’ dental treatments abroad? here we will discuss dental tourism and the often heavily advertised concept of getting ‘painless’ treatments abroad. We will also take a look at some of the other treatments popular with dental tourism companies like crowns and porcelain veneers – and whether going abroad for treatment is a good idea.
Why listen to us?

We work as data aggregators and the list is made after going through thousands of dental clinics, their reviews, website information, speaking to some of their patients as well as the viability of staying in their respective cities.

We are one of the largest collection of experts in this area and we’ve got a lot of highly qualified professionals who’ve crowd-sourced impartial Reviews (and some horror stories) about dental tourism.

Dentistry is not painful – but the bill can be!

Getting extensive dental treatments such as tooth implants, ceramic veneers, ceramic crowns or any dental treatment is not as painful as it is believed to be. Sedation, local anaesthetic and our advanced skills mean you won’t feel pain during your procedures. Good dentists are in the business of getting patients out of pain, not causing it.

Medical tourism worldwide

In general, medical tourism is a booming business that approximately two TO THREE million people worldwide take advantage of annually. Only the residents of UK spends approximately £6 billion each year on dental treatments. Dentistry is becoming one of the most sought after treatments within the medical tourism industry.

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